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    WCMS in GateIn


      Hi everybody, I need to provide features to my GateIn portal users, to let them to make folders and sub-folders and put contents and create links to other resources.

      I was thinking about integrating eXo WCM with GateIn, anybody have any suggestsions.


      Thanks in advance

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          I have tried to install it from sources in github. But after generating the dist zip file I don't find any solution to deploy it on my JBoss Portal built from GateIn 3.6. If someone have a clue, please tell me.

          Thanks in advance.


          FYI I have test it under Exo Platform. It's a very nice feature.





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            We have a little (and new) WCM for GateIn Portal under the following link:


            May be it could be interesting for you to take a look.

            We will write soon about it.

            In the README there is instructions to setup a demo to view a showcase.

            Hope it can help you.



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              Hi, thanks for your help! I'll be waiting for news about it!

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                We will be thank you if you can test it and provide feedback.


                Here you can see a screenshot how it looks like:


                We are going to close some pending features to tag into a 1.0.0 version and start to write some formal articles and documentation.



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                  Hello Lucas,


                  I have test your solution and it looks very good.


                  I have two suggestions about your code:

                  1) In pom.xml I have added this code adding the exo platform repository just after the properties bloc:


                  If exo repository is not added maven will complains and failed.
                  2) With your data exemple I am facing a nullpointerexception when editing a template:
                  Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
                  at org.apache.jsp.jsp.templates.templateEdit_jsp._jspService(templateEdit_jsp.java:2835)
                  After checking the compiled JSP I have found that the problem is comming from the original JSP file: templateEdit.jsp at the line 99.
                  Impacted code is if (t.getVersion().equals(version))
                  In fact no version is associated for each template and a NPE is thrown when applying the equals method on the null version.
                  I have check exo ecms solution from exoplatform github. I have followed the README file associated with the project. After "mvn clean package" I should have a tomcat instance running the ecms project. But it is not the case anymore. I was quiet surprise about the tomcat missing instance. So I have contacted the support using the mailing list. I have got a quick response from them   and now everythings are packaged on only one project platform-public-distributions. For your information I have fully compiled and executed it.


                  I will look deeper on Lucas' solution.





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                    Thanks Damien for your feedback.


                    Sorry for the NPE, I did a commit for versioning feature past friday and I didn't update the database .zip example, I will fix it as soon as possible.

                    We are going to release a 1.0.0 soon, with localization, locks and multi authoring implemented, in few days I will update the repository and examples.


                    Thanks a lot again for taking time to review it.


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                      Database example has been upload for GateIn lw WCM.

                      We are going to add a couple of features before we tag a first Beta version of the project.


                      Thanks for your feedback,