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    Is it possible to monitor Persistance Unit of My application which was deployed in Jboss EAP6 ?


      Hi Developers,


           1 )  I would like to monitor the Persistence Unit of my application which was deployed in JBoss EAP6. In the JBossEAP6 Management console, I could monitor the Persistence Unit metrics ( Connections, Transactions, Queries , Second Level Cache ) of my application level. Is RHQ providing the feature by inbuilt or need to go for custom plugin ?


           2 )  In the JBoss 7 Plugin, I find JPA subsystem with availability metric. But needed is session count , completed transactions , queries hit count ,etc.. Can we get these metrics ?


           3 )  Is it possible to monitor the Persistance unit based on each node (  Node is single Jboss server which was configured in domain mode ) of Jboss.