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    rich:popupPanel works fine in Google chrome 30.0.1599.101 but not in IE8

    Sushant Saini Novice

      I am trying to migrate my application from Richfaces 3.3.3 to 4.3.2. For modal panels I have changed the tag to rich:popupPanel as shown following, although everything else work fine on my page when I try to show the modal panel, it appears at the bottom of the page and does not block anything at all. Also a huge space is introduced on my page based on where I keep this modal panel on my xhtml. If I keep this on the top of the page, there is space there. If I keep it on the bottom of the page, there is a space on bottom of my page when the page is loaded and when the pop up is not being displayed.


      This use to work perfectly in richfaces 3.3.3 and broke after migration. If you look at the image below see how the modal panel is way bottom of the page that we can't even see the content on the page.


      <rich:popupPanel id="waitForResponse" modal="true" >

        <h:graphicImage value="images/ajax-loader.gif" alt="Please wait while loading..." />




      Please not that there is lots of content on the page and it does not appear here since the modal panel open way below on the page.