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    Infispan.war missing in 5.3.0.Final version

    remo408 Newbie

      Hi I am trying to use infinispan as a remote caching solution and when following through the guide i see the following:

      > This server provides easy to use RESTful HTTP access to the Infinispan > data grid, build on JAX_RS. This application is delivered (currently) > as a WAR file, which you can deploy to a servlet container (as many > instances as you need).

      I could not find the WAR in the 5.3.0.Final.

      But i see that Infispan Server installation can serve as a Remote Data Grid, so is the REST interface included in the server installation with the latest release?

      If yes

      What server is it running on ?

      Do we need licence to run the Server on enterprise level?

      What is the good way to deploy it in any other Application Server?

      Any help will be highly appreciated