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    4.9 and Cassandra; multiple announce, duplicate hard link, other issues with 4.9

    Elias Ross Master

      4.9 has a bug where if two or more nodes are in 'announce' state they can never move out of it. The problem is some of the queries were designed to return a single result. I'm hoping this was fixed. Yes, it seems much safer to add one node at a time, but I was trying to get a 4 node cluster up and running right away and got quite stuck.


      One other issue is Bug 1017961, which has to do with MBeans appearing down: I've seen this on 4.5.1 and 4.9 where MBeans are unavailable but in fact they are there. This shows up with Cassandra, if the system is restarted when the agent is up, you get into this state. I have a proposed fix for this which seems to solve this problem.


      The other problem seen is taking snapshots. I've seen all three nodes fail with:

      Caused by: javax.management.RuntimeMBeanException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Tried to create duplicate hard link to /data05/rhq/data/system/NodeIdInfo/snapshots/1383438602316/system-NodeIdInfo-ic-1-TOC.txt



      I'm not sure what this is about. The help isn't too helpful.