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    Storage Node hard link issue during snapshot operation

    John Sanda Apprentice

      A problem with generating hard links during snapshots was reported in 4.9 and Cassandra; multiple announce, duplicate hard link, other issues with 4.9.

      The other problem seen is taking snapshots. I've seen all three nodes fail with:

      Caused by: javax.management.RuntimeMBeanException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Tried to create duplicate hard link to /data05/rhq/data/system/NodeIdInfo/snapshots/1383438602316/system-NodeIdInfo-ic-1-TOC.txt


      Elias, or anyone else who has encountered this, can you provide any more details on this?


      On what OS are you running?


      Is this happening for all keyspaces/column families?


      Are you explicitly scheduling the snapshot operations?


      Can you share any of the rhq-storage.log files where the errors are reported?