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    256 character limitation in REST API response

    Bharti Gupta Newbie

      In an attempt to use jBPM console REST API to query the process variable values of a particular process instance, the variable value appears to get truncated when it reaches 256 characters. For example, when we make a call /history/instance/{procInstId: [0-9]+}/{oper: [a-zA-Z]+}"), the content within <value> appears to be limited to 256 characters.

      <variable-instance-log id="1635">



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><RequestStatusSummary RequestLabel="Post-Action"><RequestActionName>Commission VM</RequestActionName><RequestStatusDescription>Completed</RequestStatusDescription></RequestStatusSummary>




      It would be of great help to know if it is a known limitation or if there is any other way to look at the full value of a process variable using REST API?

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