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    Jboss SOA 5.3.x

    Mona Kaila Newbie

      How can we do....

      1. Fan-out e.g. send request to multiple services?
      2. Ws-Security for external web service invocation when using ServiceInvoker
      3. SOAPProxy - Retry and DLQ Configuration e.g. send message to DLQ after 5 retry (1 min apart)
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          Tom Cunningham Master



          Have you checked out the quickstarts yet?  


          1. Check out aggregator, dynamic_router, static_router - I'm not sure whether you want to route on content, or whether you just want to multicast to different services


          2. webservice_wssecurity


          3. I'm not sure this is the direction you want to go in, but look into retryHandlers? Why do you want to retry 5 minutes one minute apart?    Is it to make sure the proxied endpoint is up?     

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            Mona Kaila Newbie

            Thanks for your reply.

            1. No route on content.

              ESB (receive message) 

              1. Log1
              2. modify/enhance it and drop into Queue --- using JMSRouter
              3. Log2
              4. call services (SOAP)

              It drops message into queue but after that I do not see Log2 in console but eventually it goes to DQL. Without message drop (without #b), it works fine – I see Log1, Log2 in console and also it calls service. What’s the solution to drop message and then call service in above scenario?

            1. Yes. It is for end web service call (using SOAPClient or SOAPProxy) and I need flexible configuration.
            2. How to pass custom soap header values from SOAP Request to SOAP Response (within ESB)?
            3. How to secure end webservice (non-secure) using SOAPProxy i.e. how to implement different security for ESB service (for end client consumption) than external/proxied web service - need to hide provider security but also have some security for ESB service?