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    Regarding Teiid 8.6 OSGI aspect.


      Hi All,

      We are using  Jboss EAP 6.0.1 Alpha and Teiid 8.4 final for now, and we have plans to build our modules as OSGI bundles based on Teiid 8.6.


      I have read the post: http://teiid.blogspot.com/2013/10/teiid-86-alpha2-posted.html which stated that teiid8.6 beta is released and has its jars built as OSGI bundles and  a starter Karaf osgi container features.xml file is available in maven repository with the build.

      Does this also mean that we can now build our custom modules as OSGI bundles and just deploy them in the deployments folder ?


      If Yes then I have some more questions related to the JbossOsgi initiative and the scope of it :

      There's an ambiguity due to following posts:

      Status of JBoss OSGi

      This posts says that Osgi is not going to be part of EAP and would be kept as a community affair pointing to Wildfly version of JBoss.


      which says

      JBoss OSGi, an implementation of the OSGi specification, has been demoted from Technology Preview to Unsupported. For additional information refer to https://access.redhat.com/site/solutions/362814.


      If these posts are valid, then would like to know the perspective as to why Teiid 8.6 jars are being developed as OSGI bundles?




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          OSGI is specification, JBoss OSGI is one implementation of such specification. JBoss OSGI  may be not being supported, but that has nothing to do with the general OSGI bundling support . Apache Karaf is another OSGI implementation, that is not associated with JBoss community, but it a very popular  open source OSGI container. Teiid is developed in JBoss community, that does not mean we will completely ignore other communities nor ignore the trends how the community member like you are trying use Teiid in your environments. Thus, we started building Teiid components as OSGI bundles, that will work in any OSGI complaint container, and also happen to provide a entry point to use them in Apache Karaf OSGI container.


          Note that above support in Apache Karaf is just providing a module loading, akin to providing a classpath all the jars, if you need to write a working Teiid system, you still need to do lot more work, just like the embedded Teiid usage.


          If you are building custom components using Teiid, it is up to you if you want to build the OSGI bundles out of them or not, Teiid does not impose any restriction. If you are intending them to use in OSGI container then you have to, if you were going to use along with Teiid in JBoss AS/EAP, then there is no requirement for them to be OSGI bundles.