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    DataSource injected into SFSB does not serialize properly

    Paul Ferraro Master

      The JIRA WFLY-30, with the title "@Resource injection of Datasource on clustered SFSB fails with serialization error" was reclassified as a JBJCA issue: [JBJCA-1112] DataSource marked as Serializable - JBoss Issue Tracker

      A fix was made to 1.1.2.Final, but the original WFLY-30 issue was not addressed - though it now appears to fail for different reasons.  In the future, I would recommend opening a new upstream issue and link the two, rather than reclassify, re-title, and lose the context of the original issue.


      I've reopened JBJCA-1112/WFLY-30.  Here's the current error:

      SFSB w/injected DataSource serialization error


      There is a test case in the clustering testsuite that you can use to reproduce the error:


      This test case attempts to serialize the following SFSB: