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    Interrupting Timer Boundary Event on User Task problem

    Franck cdsosi Newbie

      Hi community,


      I have to implement a process with a significant number of nodes but before dealing with the all the process I am testing some parts of the process


      So here is the sample (cf added screenshot for something more visual !) :

      Start Node => User Task Node => None End Node

      On the User Task Node I put a Timer Boundary Interrupting (CancelActivity = true) with 5s of duration followed by a Script Task and then a None End Node.


      jBPM version used : 6.0.0.Final


      1- Test under eclipse (eclipse BPMN 2 Modeler + a JUnit) :

      a- When I run the test wihout dealing with human task, the sysout in Script Task is executed but when I ask for process instance state, response is 1 (ACTIVE) while it should be 2 (COMPLETED) because of the cancel activity state (checked) on Boundary Timer ?


      2- Test under jBPM console with Web Designer

      b- Whether I set cancel activity to true or false there is no visual difference on process view canvas, I think this not normal !

      c- When I Build & Deploy and then run, there is an UserTask displayed in Personal Task even if after timer has been raised but because of cancel activity = true UserTask should be canceled...

      d- Created process instances are in ACTIVE while it should be COMPLETED.


      Anyone experience this kind of problem?