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    Automated Teiid Development Environment


      Hi all,


      I made an attempt to automate creation of Teiid Development environment. The goal is to simplify the steps needed to get up to speed with Teiid, and let you start developing your own project based on Teeid quickier. It probably can be used for the Teiid development itself, but it is up to Steven and Ramesh to decide.

      Feel free to use, let me know if it is useful or if you have any problems.The template for Oracle VM VirtualBox is based on Vagrant and Packer and can be easily adjusted if needed.






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          Thanks very cool. We will add a link to development environment page to this.

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            Thanks Andriy,.  Added a link on Teiid Eclipse Dev Environment Set Up and Building Runtime Artifacts.  We have been meaning to circle back to having a built-in story around rapid translator/ra development (Van just logged a couple maven related issues).  Having canned environments would certainly be an interesting addition to the mix.

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              Sure, thanks for feedback. I was thinking about a much simpler approach for those who only wants to experiment with their projects based on Teiid. Very much like Teiid on Openshift Demo you guys had several months ago (I have not checked its status for a while). For this simplified task we need a Vagrant / VirtualBox VM which has only JBoss and Teiid runtime. No need to put Eclipse, git or Teiid sources there. The Linux distribution can be also smaller and simpler - XWindows is not needed, ssh should be enough.

              I am glad I took more complex path, so now to have a simpler environment is just a matter of removing several scripts from packer-teiid/scripts folder which are responsible for populating extra components. In this simplified case the resulting Vagrant box will be smaller, faster to build and easier to manage.