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    Materialized Views problem

    Rakesh Balguri Expert

      Hi all,


      I have a materialized view which we have created in Teiid8.1 and when I try to use the same materialized view in Teiid 8.5 I get an error related to constraint.


      The sample view that was working in Teiid 8.1 is:


        column1 integer,

        column2 integer

        constraint index(column1), index(column1)

        ) OPTIONS (MATERIALIZED 'true') AS /*+ cache(ttl:30000) */

        SELECT column1, column2   FROM table


      If I change the view to include the constraint name it works fine.


      Is there a way by which we can run the same materialized view in Teiid 8.5 without providing the constraint name?