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    Could EAR application (with EJB) refers to OSGI bundles repository?

    Vincent Roberfroid Newbie


      We use to deploy EARs containing EJB and war in JBoss 7.1.

      All the libraries required for this EAR are packaged in the lib directory of the EAR.

      Everything works fine.


      However we plan to create multiple EARs and we don't want to duplicate the libraries.

      We converted those libraries in OSGI bundles and moved them in the bundles/ directory of jboss.

      By this way the archives would contain just the application-specific content.


      We added capabilities in the standalone.xml of our server to start our bundles during start up of the application server.


      It seems that the classes from the bundles are not in the class loader of the jar packaged in the EAR.


      Do you have a working example of EAR application (with EJB) that uses OSGI bundles repository?


      Thanks in advance,