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    Anonymous procedure blocks under continuous execution

    Sanjeev Gour Novice



      We attempting to run an anonymous procedure block under continuous execution but there seems to be a transaction related limitation which is causing some problem.If we don't run the  SQL under transaction, it forces us to do it under a transaction, and if we do, it complains that continuous execution cannot run under a transaction which looks reasonable.


      Is it mandatory to run the anonymous procedure blocks in transaction?


      We have a translator that returns data each 30 seconds, using that the functionality we are trying to achieve is this-

      Create a procedure block like the following-



      SELECT * from time_translator WHERE period = 30 WITHOUT RETURN; //this will return data every 30 seconds

      SELECT * from some_other_table;



      Run the above block continuously to retrieve data from some_other_table every 30 seconds.


      Is this achievable using continuous queries and the anonymous procedure blocks?