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    jboss-integration-platform-bom:pom:6.0.0-SNAPSHOT dependency

    Michael Davies Newbie

      I get this dependency issue when using teiid 8.6.0.Final.


      Failed to execute goal on project foundry-sql-driver: Could not resolve dependencies for project sql-driver:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT: Failed to collect dependencies at org.jboss.teiid:teiid-api:jar:8.6.0.Final: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.jboss.teiid:teiid-api:jar:8.6.0.Final: Could not find artifact org.jboss.integration-platform:jboss-integration-platform-bom:pom:6.0.0-SNAPSHOT


      My repo is not set up to download snapshots from jboss.


      Is it correct that Final depends on this snapshot.