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    About Jboss  and Teiid  use ask for help

    lei wang Newbie

      I use Jboss_as_7 and Teiid8.2 to create a VDBs database. Use the datasource is sybiq database.

           VDB configure is:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

      <vdb name="MyVDB" version="1">

      <description>My Test sybiq VDB</description>

      <property name="UseConnectorMetadata" value="true" />

      <model name="sybiq21w">

              <property name="importer.useFullSchemaName" value="true"/>

              <source name="sybiq21" translator-name="sybase" connection-jndi-name="java:sybiq21DS"/>


      <model name="sybiq22w">

              <property name="importer.useFullSchemaName" value="true"/>

              <source name="sybiq22" translator-name="sybase" connection-jndi-name="java:sybiq22DS"/>



          DataSource sybiq21w(sybiq22w) configure is:

                      <datasource jndi-name="java:/sybiq21DS" pool-name="sybiq21DS" enabled="true" use-java-context="true">








                              <check-valid-connection-sql>select count(*) from vmt</check-valid-connection-sql>



      The VDBs only perform query operations; table creation, load data in The database of The data source itself  .

      When jboss and teiid running normal.   Use jsp to query :


      Display the query results is normal . But when I create a table zwf  on  the database of The data source itself (sybiq21w,sybiq22w) and load in data , To query the table zwf then will print :

      WARN  [org.teiid.PROCESSOR] (Worker0_QueryProcessorQueue0) TEIID30020 Processing exception 'Group does not exist: zwf' for request EerC67S8CLG4.0.  Exception type org.teiid.api.exception.query.QueryResolverException thrown from org.teiid.query.resolver.util.ResolverUtil.handleUnresolvedGroup(ResolverUtil.java:814). Enable more detailed logging to see the entire stacktrace.


      How to set without restart JBOSS service, normal query new table?