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    Creating a custom Field: org.jbpm.formModeler Cannot be resolved to a type

    Bruno A Newbie

      I'm having issues with the jBPM eclipse plugin.

      I can start a project for jBPM and that project contains the "jBPM library".

      According to:

      Chapter 13. Form Modeler

      section: How to create Custom Field Types

      I need to make a java file that implements "org.jbpm.formModeler.core.fieldTypes.CustomFieldType" in order to get a custom field type.

      Problem: When I add as implementing "org.jbpm.formModeler.core.fieldTypes.CustomFieldType" eclipse complains:

      org.jbpm.formModeler cannot be resolved to a type

      What am I doing wrong?


      I have jbpm-installer for jBPM 6.0.1.Final and I'm using the eclipse that it has downloaded automatically (ant install.demo).

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