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    Challenge while creating single View for two Sources

    Madhurika Sharma Newbie



      I want one to create One View for Two sources(One table, one View).
      The Source has one View(lets say Combined) and One table(lets say ABC). ABC table is a part of Combined.

      Because i cannot insert into Combined directly, i am importing ABC so that to insert the data into it which ultimately inserts in Combined.

      Now, i have most of my columns exactly the same in the two sources.

      When i am creating the View(lets say Test) and importing both the sources in the Test , my columns of ABC are getting renamed to col1_1,col2_2 as they are the same as Combined.

      I created VDB for it TestVDB. Now i am posting in :


      i am posting the col1_1, col2_2 ... all the renamed columns of the ABC table , so that they can get POST into ABC .

      But it is throwing an error.

      Error occured producing OData result.: java.lang.RuntimeException: can't find property: entry on type: Test

      Is there any way to make this work ?