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    VDB Not Deployed

    al carvalho Newbie

      Teiid Designer 8.5 Alpha on Teiid 8.6 instance


      I have successfully modeled and am able to preview SQLServer and MySQL source models as well as a Relational model View that uses a UNION to combine the data.

      I have defined the VDB by adding the View (automatically includes source models)

      I try to deploy the VDB and get this Error:


      One or more models in VDB are either missing a translator name or have a translator name that cannot be found on the current Teiid instance.

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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          When you are building the VDB, int he VDB explorer, you can define the translator names for your source models to represent what kind of sources. Make sure that are correctly defined as mssql and mysql5 before you deploy the VDB.





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            al carvalho Newbie

            Ramesh -

            Thanks so much again !


            Sql Server translator was 'sqlserver'  - I changed to mssql as you

            suggested although I noticed that it was named 'sqlserver' in my Teiid 8.3



            Comparing to Teiid 8.3 instance running on a different machine, it appears

            that I don't have datasources (except the ExampleDS) nor

            translators deployed.


            It's been awhile since I set up Teiid 8.3 so could use some help finding

            correct documentation to define datasources and translators - both defined

            in standalone-teiid.xml ?

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              Ramesh Reddy Master



              My mistake, "sqlserver" is right translator name. Just remember that for *every* source model, you need to configure with "translator" name and "jndi" name of the datasource. Also you need to create the datasource with the representative JNDI name in the server before you can deploy VDB in the server.


              Now, based on how started your project in Designer and how you imported the source models, some of these tasks are automatically done for you. If you imported a old project the data source may not be there, but you can right click -> modeling-> create datasource to create a data source. Or you can manually edit the standalone-teiid.xml file and add needed XML to create the required data source.


              If you forgot how Teiid works, I suggest you going through the Quick Starts and watch videos and spend some time learning how the tool works, before attempting to build your usecase. All the Teiid documentation on http://teiid.org main site at Home - Teiid 8.8 (draft) - Project Documentation Editor , the Designer Documents at Documentation - JBoss Community, Quick Starts Home - Teiid Examples - Project Documentation Editor, Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrimh1JUHOFKMRo73BKbJFUERXzaCynqB





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                al carvalho Newbie

                Almost there -

                • edited VDB translator values
                • deployed datasources successfully by editing standalone-teiid.xml


                Final issue seems to be that I don't see any translators ('Translators' not in the tree view - only 'Data Sources') in my Teiid Instance ??


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                  Ramesh Reddy Master



                  It is a Designer bug that I also encountered a while back. Not to throw wrench into your efforts (which I very much appreciate), I am starting to doubt Designer 8.5 Alpha support for 8.6. Last I checked Teiid Designer 8.4 worked with Teiid 8.6. There has been some work done recently to make Teiid Designer 8.5 Alpha to work with Teiid 8.7.


                  So, your options are

                  1) Move to Teiid Designer 8.4

                  2) Upgrade Teiid to 8.7

                  3) Build your VDB with your current Designer, but once you build your VDB, take the VDB and manually deploy it into the Teiid Server, and then use tools like SquirreL (JDBC Client Tool) to issue queries and test.