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    Advantages of Dynamic VDB

    teiiduser Newbie

      Can anyone highlight the main points why Dynamic VDB should be preferred to Static VDB?

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          Ramesh Reddy Master

          Static VDB

          - Designer is used to build this, so separate tooling is required

          - Metadata is collected at the design time, even for the sources

          - Schema is defined through GUI tool

          - easier to visualize, lot of wizards to help development

          - can create web-service (SOAP, REST) based WAR files based on the VDB

          - Legacy XML Model can be only designed here



          Dynamic VDB

          - Simple XML file based, no tooling required

          - The source model metadata is collected at the time of deployment

          - The schema is defined in terms of DDL. (advanced users also can supply their own Metadata Repository)

          - This VDB can not be programatically designed, and metadata is also dynamically collected at deploy time, thus name Dynamic

          - Since it can be easily created, adding sources dynamically or removing the sources from VDB will be easier.

          - you need to know creation of views with help out of wizards

          -Only REST based WAR file can be created

          - For XML generation you must use SQLXML functions, which is better anyway, but without help of tooling.


          I will add any more I can think of later on.