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    Unable to call web service operation through OData

    Ashwini Nanjangud Newbie

      I have a Web service model (with CRUD )deployed on JBoss EAP 6.1 which I can access using SOAPUI.

      I have created a SOAP consumer project to call the WS operations defined in the WS model (say GetBook) using OData protocol and I am trying to access it as http://localhost:8080/odata/SOAPODataConsumer.1/BooksWebSvcView.GetBook?ISBNInput='99999999'


      I get java.lang.AssertionError: org.jboss.jca.adapters.jdbc.WrapperDataSource is was not a ConnectionFactory implementation


      Is this the right way to do this. How can I consume WS model's CRUD operations on OData?