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    Extending Scaffold-Faces

    Marcos Muniz Newbie


      I'm trying to extend the scaffold-faces project to customize the MBean generation.

      I created one ScaffoldProvider type and installed the project and could see it on the scaffold:generate menu.

      Then I made my type an extension of the FacesScaffoldProvide and rebuilt and reinstalled the addon

      Now my project disappeared on the options. I tried to override the getName and getDescription, again the same thing.

      I removed the extension and left the FreemarkerTemplateProcessor as one of the attributes(this class is in the scaffold-faces project) and figure out that the problem happens only when I use the scaffold-faces project.



      When I run maven install I have the build success as expected, but seems that something is happening  when I install the addon. I also tried to change the scope of my scaffold-faces dependency(provided, compile) but have no result.



      Could you help me?