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    Clustering with Embedded Teiid

    Joseph CHIDIAC Novice


      I'm using Embedded Teiid in an application where WebLogic is the App server and i want to cluster my application.Is there any means to deal with Teiid under clustering.

      For example,if i deploy a given VDB on a given cluster would be available on the others and same for cache.

      Thanks for the help.


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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          Teiid embedded is considered to be a framework, if you want add clustering on top of it, it depends upon your implementation as how it should behave. We provide hooks for deploying a VDB, how a deployed VDB makes across all the nodes in the cluster in the consistent manner is up to your design and environment you are hosting it in. Same for caching, Teiid uses Infinispan and gives hooks for you distribute across the nodes. Teiid community implements these features in the JBoss EAP host environment, if you want similar capabilities you would need to develop similar functionality.