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    refreshing web application without restarting jboss???



      i'm using jboss AS 7 to develop a jee application.

      i have a folder "ressources" under the web project.

      i need to upload files into the "ressources" folder wich i do successfully.

      But then i need to access those files.

      the problem is that i can't access the files until i clean the project (my IDE is eclipse, i do project->clean).

      it makes sense because the project needs to refresh so it detects the new files.

      so i need a java code that does the same thing: cleanning/refreshing the project so that it "sees" the new files.

      otherwise, i thought about uploading the files into my jboss server (under standalone/data) but then i couldn't figure out the url to access those files.

      actually i'm working with primefaces and to visualise the files i use the UIcomponent <p:media>.

      and that compnent can only "see" a file under the "ressources" folder or a file referenced by un URL http://www.localhost....something

      does any body has an idea?

      thank you