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    Source Table Metadata Overrides

    Barry LaFond Master

      Teiid Designer's Komodo development will focus on replacing EMF metamodel with Teiid DDL dialect relational constructs. One of our goals is to minimize the footprint of our new VDB, which will replace XMI + Index file with a DDL file.


      If a user utilizes the simple pass-thru source table definitions in their VIEW's SQL transformation, then Komodo will only use the simple <model> and <source> elements in the VDB and NOT include the data source's DDL.


      If a user chooses to override a source table definition (changed property, datatype, etc.) this will result in an included DDL file for the source model (i.e. CREATE FOREIGN TABLE ( ..... ) ).


      Will this DDL file need to include the whole DDL representation of the source schema, or can Teiid work with individual overridden source tables and merge the metadata?



      Teiid Designer