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    How to pass security helper to teiid embedded server/configuration

    Himanshu Kapoor Newbie

      Hi ,



      I am providing a connection factory to the teiid embedded , which in turns is used by a source model getting deployed in VDB. When i execute the query on top of VDB exceptions are thrown from my framework ,  that its not authorized to access the resource. I was wondering why deployment is successful where it uses the same connection to fetch the meta data.


      I debugged further and found that deployment is successful because it do not spawns a thread and asks for the connection in current thread , which is authorized (have security context) to access the connection but in case of executing a query teiid spawn the separate thread for each query and since that thread do not have security context to access the connection so exception is raised from my framework. Is there is any way where i can pass/attach  the security context of my framework to teiid embedded so that when the execution thread go fetch the connection it has right to do so .






      Himanshu Kapoor