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    Materialized View query affected by TEIID-3024?

    Mark Addleman Master

      I think Gaurav's last comment on TEIID-3024 may have been a little confusing.  We uncovered this bug while chasing down a very hard to reproduce problem within our app.  We believe that the root of it is TEIID-3024 but we cannot reproduce the problem to verify.  Two of our symptoms involve materialized views that gets stuck in the loading state.  In one instance, the client issues a sync query using a local connection to initiate loading the materialized view.  In this case, the client query would not time out and thus the materialized view would remain in loading state.


      In the other case, an async query with a local connection initiates the materialized view load.  Here, my guess is that Teiid uses a local cxn, synchronous query to load the materialized view and thus, is subject to TEIID-3024.  Is this hypothesis correct?  If so, I think we may have found the answer to our bug.  If not, we have more research to do.