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    Debugging Teiid-ODATA invoking the stored proc.

    Vinay Thakkar Newbie

      > I have deployed a stored  proc that  reads data from url and  inserts rows for the data extracted from the URL

      > When I run the proc from the SQL Scrap book (JBoss Studio) it insert correct number of rows.

      > I then exposed this proc over ODATA

      > when I hit the ODATA url which invokes the proc. it inserts double the records. the ODATA response shows correct number of records. but the database has duplicate records.

      > I have 3 sources (postgres database, vertica database, restful webservice call) in my VDB and 1 view. But its not a multi-source VDB, as in the multi-source checkbox is not checked.


      Seems like its invoking the PROC twice.

      I would like to debug the stored proc invocation from teiid-odata component. how do i go about doing it? please help!