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    Some questions about QueueBrowsers

    Laura delli Paoli Master

      Hello everybody,

      I added some messages to a queue with a "_HQ_SCHED_DELIVERY" property.

      Then I wrote a QueueBrowser that lists all messages in the queue, but I get a not null result only if alla consumers in the queue are turned off (even if they were iddle because of "_HQ_SCHED_DELIVERY" property).

      (Question #1) How can I have messages listed when consumers are linstening on the queue?


      Given a messageId I run the following code to update message priority:



      trace.debug("updatedPriority of message " + messageId);

      trace.info("new priority: " + message.getJMSPriority());


      but if I list messages in the queue I read the old priority.

      (Question #2) How can I update message properties in the QueueBrowser  scope?




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