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    Issue with JBoss EAP - Cant find Home Directory

    Ricki Lambert Newbie

      Hi All

      I am trying to configure a maven / jenkins deployment to JBOSS - however I am running in to some rather basic problems. I am unable to set the JBOSS_HOME environment variable as I have no idea where that should point too.

      In var/opt/jboss I have the following files and foldersl

      1. Modules
      2. jboss-modules.jar
      3. welcome-content
      4. version.txt
      5. LISCENCE.txt
      6. JBossEULA.txt
      7. docs
      8. appclient
      9. domain
      10. bundles
      11. bin
      12. standalone

      From all of the online guides I have read this doesn't seem to be the location I want? For example - most of the guides say -


      export JBOSS_HOME=/usr/jboss/jboss-4.2.2.GA export PATH=$PATH:$JBOSS_HOME/bin


      export JBOSS_HOME="/home/<username>/<install_directory_path>"

      Neither of these are valid locations for me. This means, when I try and use the Jboss Plugin for Jenkins and point the JBOSS_HOME to the directory I originally thought /var/opt/jboss i get the following error

      It's not look like correct JBoss home directory.

      That is an actual quote by the way! Not a grammatical error from me.

      Does anyone know how I might determine the correct home directory? Thanks