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    Column Context menu extendedDatatable

    tris b Newbie



      I placed in my page the rich:extendedDataTable. But the column context menu is not showing like in the exadel example. I did read the developers document and I couldn't find any information about activating it.


      - I'm using RichFaces version 4.3 .

      - I din't skin anything yet.


      My code:


      <rich:extendedDataTable id="sampleTable" value="#{sampleController.assetList}" rows="5"
      var="sample" filterVar="filterValue"
      width="500px" height="500px" selectionMode="none"
      rowKeyVar="rkvar" tableState="#{sampleController.tableState}"
      <f:facet name="noData">
        Nothing found

      <rich:column sortable="true"  headerClass="dataTableHeader" sortBy="#{sample.asset_model_id}" id="colSampleType"
      filterExpression="#{empty filterValue or fn:startsWith(sample.asset_model_id, filterValue)}"
      label="Sample Type">
      <f:facet name="header">
      <h:outputText value="Type " id="sampleType"/>
      <h:outputText value="#{sample.asset_model_id}"  id="sample_type"/>