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    Configure Jboss eap 6.2 to use log4j2

    Lasitha Wattaladeniya Newbie

      Hi I have developed a multiple module j2ee ear deployment and I need to change it's logging configuration to use log4j2. The deployment package doesn't include any log4j configuration, it uses the jboss default native logging, What I need to do is change the jboss native logging to log4j2. So far I found one way of doing it, that is to include the log4j2 library in each of the module and a log4j config file. But this approach seems very problematic, since if it required to change the logging level I will have to deploy the whole application changing all the log4j config files. My question is , is they any way that I can change the configuration in Jboss ( not in my app ) to use log4j2 for logging ?