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    DecoupledEndpoint:  Timeout while awaiting response.

    Rick Bilbrey Newbie


            I have a client (Java) program that invokes an asynchronous method

      on a CXF-based web service and uses a callback to await for the response

      over a DecoupleConduit.

      I get an exception stating "Timed out waiting for response to operation" if the remote

      services takes more that 10 seconds to respond to the client.

      (10 seconds is a hardcoded default in CXF's ClientImpl.java.)


      Things work okay if the response comes within 10 seconds.


      I  have tried setting ConnectionTimeout and ReceiveTimeout

      on the http:client element of my configuration file, but that

      seems to only effect non-decoupled clients.


      How to I get the client to wait longer for a response

      from a DecoupledEndpoint?