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    Can't find camel-spring- for simple-router tutorial

    Aileen Cunningham Newbie



      I'm running through the simple-router tutorial and have got to the stage of building the simple-router project in Eclipse when it fails with this error



      Severity and Description     Path     Resource     Location     Creation Time     Id

      Project 'simple-router' is missing required library: 'C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\.m2\repository\org\apache\camel\camel-spring\\camel-spring-'          simple-router     Build path     1199359960324     0


      This jar file does exist in C:\iona\fuse-mediation-router-\lib but not in my Maven repository.


      Should I be picking this jar file up from the lib directory of the product that I just installed rather than looking in Maven for it? Do I need to add the fuse product lib directory to my build options?