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    Accessing external RESTful webservice from Servicemix

    Sanjay Jain Newbie

      Hi Guys,


      I am trying to access external (3rd party) RESTful webservice from servicemix. The partner just have provided the username/password and https:// url of the webservice.


      To access a secure REST resource, I need to put the following parameters in the HTTP/S header:

           Password=PasswordDigest

           Username=user

           Nonce=Nonce

           Created=CreationTimestamp


      For instance,


      X-WSSE: UsernameToken Username="user", PasswordDigest="SZf1CHmQ/nrZbsrC13hCZS061yws", Nonce="d36e316282959a9ed4c89851497a717f", Created="2007-03-01T12:10:00Z"


      I would like to know how I can access the secure REST webservice in servicemix.


      Important to note that, I don't have any info about servicename, endpoint or interface class.


      Could anyone please help me out how it can be implemented in servicemix?


      Note: currently I am using servicemix-3.2.2.


      Thanks a ton,