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    Pending messages not browsable/consumable, no more delivering, need restart

    Sylvain Tremblay Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I have a weird issue that happened to me a few times now when doing stress testing on an application using activemq.


      I am using Fuse message broker


      All of a sudden (I am sadly not able to give a scenario to reproduce), activemq becomes in a non-functional state:


        - The consumers stops being able to consume messages

        - The producers are still able to put messages on the queues

        - The web console shows pending messages (increasing when producer put new messages on the queues)

        - When clicking on any queue name with pending messages in the web console, the messages are NOT shown?!

        - If using jconsole to call the browse function, no messages are shown


      If I simply stop/restart activemq, everything comes back to normal. The pending messages are still there and regain their "browsability" in the web console / in jconsole and if I connect a consumer it is now able to consume messages and everything works as supposed.


      I have not seen this in production yet, but its happening when stress-testing in our QA environment...


      Is this a known issue, any hint / idea about this problem?


      Thanks a lot,


      Sylvain Tremblay

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