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    Web Service - problem with WSDL and TAD document

    Robert Yetman Newbie

      I'm having a problem with the Fuse Integration Designer and my WSDL's for a top-down test web service.   Every WSDL I have, including the person.wsdl from the servicemix example, gives me a warning:


      'WS-I: A problem occured while running the WS-I WSDL conformance check: org.eclipse.wst.wsi.internal.analyzer.WSIAnalyzerException: The WS-I Test Assertion Document (TAD) document was either not found or could not be processed.   THe WSDLAnalyzer was unable to validate the given WSDL File".


      Is this a warning I should be worried about?   Where does it get this file from?  I've got fuse services framework installed and configured.   If it matters, I'm on a company intranet that doesn't have a direct connection to the Internet.   This is with FID 1.2.1.


      Bob Yetman


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