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    Example <cxf-osgi>, wsdl file format.

    serg serg Newbie

      Good day.

      The deployment of an example of <cxf-osgi> <apache-servicemix-4.2.0-fuse-01-00>

      and a request from the service wsdl I get the wsdl:




              <xs:complexType name="sayHi">


                      <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="arg0" type="xs:string" />




              <xs:element name="sayHi" nillable="true" type="sayHi" />






      possible to influence the appearance of the wsdl so to get it in a more familiar form?




          <xsd:element name="sayHi">



                      <xsd:element name="sayHi" type="xsd:string"/>