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    Injecting EJB into cxfse service impl...

    Yusuf Jakoet Newbie



      I've amended the cxf-wsdl-first-osgi-package example and I'm struggling to get the following to work.  I'm configuring one EJB via spring.  The bundle compiles file.  When I do a features:install, however, I get a dependency error on javax.ejb.EJBHome.  Now, my service implementation was doing a manual ejb lookup and that worked.  All I want to do now is have the ejb injected.


      The debug output shows the packages that are wired when the feature is deployed.  Before it fails, the only dependencies that are wired are Spring packages, so it fails due to not being able to find javax.ejb.EJBHome.  Why are those imports not available at the time the spring context is initialised?


      Spring configuration:



            <property name="jndiName" value="jndiName" />


            <property name="businessInterface" value="remoteInterface" />



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