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    Deploy services with Fuse ESB on WebSphere 6.1

    xuguang su Novice


        I followed the example under fuse-esb-\examples\servicemix-web to create a war and ear file for WebSphere 6.1. I was trying to deploy a Web service using CXF, but it looks like the JMX server was not properly started.


        I see these errors when the esb is started:

      a) "Could not start ClientFactory: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name comp/env/jbi not found in context "java:". "

      b) "Failed to start jmx connector: connector:cell=machine7Node10Cell,name=rmi,node=machine7Node10,process=server1 "


      There seem to be discussions about the same errors on the internet, but no solutions can be found. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Any help is greatly appreciated!