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    OSGi bundle, javaee-api-6.0 library and javax.activation

    Vanessa Towers Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I am new to Fuse ESB and OSGi. I have a fairly simple CXF JAXRS service which I am trying to deploy as a OSGi bundle to Fuse ESB.


      The service uses javax.activation.DataHandler and so my project includes the javaee-api-6.0 library. I am finding that on deployment I see the following error message:


      Error executing command: The bundle "myBundle " could not be resolved. Reason: Missing Constraint: Import-Package

      : javax.activation; version="[6.0.0,7.0.0)"


      This is causing me much grief.


      A couple of things I have noticed digging around:


      in /etc/jre.properties javax.activation is commented out. What is this about?


      Also, if I do:


      >packages:exports | grep activation


      in the shell, I see


          0 # javax.activation; version="0.0.0"

          88 javax.activation; version="1.1.0"

         178 org.apache.axiom.util.activation; version="0.0.0"

         178 org.apache.axiom.ext.activation; version="0.0.0"


      I'm not really clear what is going on but I think that although javax.activation is floating around in the container it isn't version [6.0.0,7.0.0) or basically a match for my dependency?


      Would love some guidance on best way to proceed and clarification on what is happening.


      Note that if I don't use a javax.activation.DataHandler in my service deploys fine and starts up.


      Thanks in advance.