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    ActiveMQ hangs

    krishnadasan T S Newbie

      I am using activeMQ 5.4.2 as separate process in my production. more than 2000 topics and 600 clients are connecting to broker. Heap size (Old generation) area is taking nearly 1 gb memory. Total memory allocated to jvm is 2.5 gb.


      Activemq is getting hanged 2 or 3 time in a day. by monitoring in JMX console What we noticed is that at that  time nearly 100 new threads are created and all these threads are NIO related threads. I don't know whether activemq hangs because of this sudden increase in nio threads or wise verse.


      can you give any suggestion about what can be the issue.



      cent os linux version 5, 64 bit os, java 1.6 update 21

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          krishnadasan T S Newbie



          Today I checked the status of kahadb files. It contains a db-794.log file having 32 mb, db.redo file having 1.1 mb and db.data having a big 5 GB.


          Why is this db.store file having such a huge size. is there any chance to have this to cause the above issue. if it is so can i expect it to solved in 5.5.1 version.


          Another thing is about db-794.log file. As per Normally log rotation, the latest file will be a non numbered file. But in this case i can only see db-794.log. If it is logging only non consumed messages then it seems ok.


          Any way we are planning to upgrade activemq vesion to 5.5.1 in production.

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            Jakub Korab Newbie

            You mention 2000 topics (no queues?). Are any of the subscribers on those topics durable?


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