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    Database beyond socks proxy

    Julian Cable Newbie


      I'm trying to migrate my database update scripts to Camel. The legacy scripts are socksified perl scripts. The database sits in our internet DMZ beyond a socks proxy.


      I can use a java sql CLI (like the ones in Derby or H2) using:


      java -DsocksProxyHost=


      I just can't work out how to make this work with Camel.


      My junit integration tests work fine with an embedded database, its only when i point them at the real database that they fail with a communications link failure.


      Printing out the value of System.getProperties().getProperty("socksProxyHost") gives me a null wherever I put the print statement.


      I've tried putting the properties in a properties file and referencing it with a spring propertyplaceholder.


      How do I do this?