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    Dynamic address for Cxf Endpoint for external service with WSS UserToken

    Raghuveer Vojjala Newbie

      We have a requirement to intercept any call with URL certain pattern and rewrite the URL such that it points to an external web service.


      To explain the requirement with an example:

      Client application submits a SOAP request on a url



      My application in (MyServer.com) should intercept any request with URL pattern       "http://MyServer.com/ServicemixContext" and construct another endpoint that points to an external service such as "http://ExternalServer.com/services/HelloService/1.0" and route the payload to this external service.


      I am able to achieve this part for a service that did not require any authentication details using :




      Above code worked fine.


      Now, I need to pass WSS UsernameToken details as a SOAP header to the external service.


      I am new to Servicemix/Camel/CXf world.


      Please help me with your advice. Appreciate your response.


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