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    Questions on Jboss-Fuse and Fuse Fabric

    Amit Saini Newbie

      I have lot of questions on JBoss-Fuse and Fuse Fabric. You can guide me to appropriate links

      1.) Is Jboss-Fuse Apache 2.0 ?.


      2.) What is the difference between JBOSS-Fuse and Fuse Fabric?. (beyond Service Mix JBI option)


      3.) I have downloaded complete JBOSS-Fuse documentation but no-where it talks about the camel fabric end point. example from("seda:foo").to("fabric:myName"). Why?. Is fabric end point not supported by JBoss-Fuse.


      4.) How much updated the documentation is on the site.(http://fuse.fusesource.org/fabric/docs/index.html) and where can I find little more Fabric specific information.


      5.) Where can I see some road map for Fabric. If possible