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    Catalg Names Sensitivity

    John Khoury Newbie



      When a catalog contains a dot "." , I get the following error while executing a Query: "no found group for any tables".



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          Steven Hawkins Master

          You mean a source catalog?  If that is part of the imported metadata, it will become part of the Teiid runtime name for the table:


          [model.][source catalog.][source schema.][source table name]


          It is valid for the source catalog to contain '.', but it's best to use as simple of a Teiid naming scheme as possible - such as telling the importer to not use the catalog or even the source schema in the runtime name.


          Can you provide what is shown in SYS.TABLES (which will show the expected Teiid names) and what sql you are running?

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            Joseph CHIDIAC Novice

            I faced the same problem

            my catalog was : test.mycompany.com

            the deploy was successfully


            but when i execute a simple query : select * from myTable

            i got Group doesn't exists


            i debug in the code, and the problem is related to



            public Table findGroup(String fullName) throws QueryMetadataException {

                 int index = fullName.indexOf(TransformationMetadata.DELIMITER_STRING);





            TransformationMetadata.DELIMITER_STRING =   "."   ==> DOT


            so the schemaName equal to test instead of test.mycompany.com


            I'm using Embedded Teiid 8.8 version

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              Steven Hawkins Master



              Teiid schema or model names cannot contain '.', but that is not the same as how the source catalog would be used which just becomes part of the table name.  Note that the method you are looking at is expecting the fully qualified Teiid name starting with the Teiid schema/model name.  So we need clarification from John about what he means by catalog and where it is being used in the metadata.



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                John Khoury Newbie

                The Catalog is the ServiceName in Oracle.


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                  Steven Hawkins Master

                  It still needs to be clarified what the expected runtime names are.  How was the metadata imported?  And/or what does the contents of SYS.TABLES look like for the relevant tables, specifically the schema (or model) name and the table name.


                  I should add to Joseph that I would have expected a validation error when trying to use a model name with a '.', but it's possible that only Teiid Designer is enforcing that validation.  So we may need to add it to the runtime as well.

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                    Joseph CHIDIAC Novice

                    [model.][source catalog.][source schema.][source table name]

                    what that means, the catalog contains a DOT

                    in my  case i test under Oracle  and the Catalog is the Service name of the Oracle connection