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    Hot redeployment of HTML files in a WAR file?

    Avor Nadal Newbie



      In JBoss 5, when I deployed a exploded WAR file and modified a HTML file (or any other static content), the server detected the change and hot deployed the new file automatically. I only had to reload the page in my web browser to see the changes. It didn't redeployed the whole WAR file, only the specific file that had been modified. However, it's not possible in Wildfly.


      Because it's an inherited application that uses JSP files, I can't use the technique described in this discussion, consisting in enabling a handler for static content in Undertow. I guess that if I did that, then the JSP files would be treated as static content too, because they're mixed all over the place. I would need to move them to a specific folder and refactor everything.


      The other technique described there is to use the attribute auto-deploy-exploded="true" of the element <deployment-scanner>, in the configuration file, in order to cause a redeployment of the WAR. However, aside from being risky (I've read that the content may be redeployed partially), that's not exactly what I want, because it redeploys the whole application.


      Is there a way to achieve this? Or do I've to settle for a whole redeployment of the WAR?


      Thank you.