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    new requirement for synchronization ordering (WildFly is delisting resources during Sychronization.beforeCompletion)


      To address a memory leak issue that occurred with some resources, WildFly is de-listing resources at (interposed) Synchronization.beforeCompletion time (this is IronJacamar doing the de-list).  However, the IronJacamar Synchronization may run before all of the JPA persistence providers Synchronization.beforeCompletion's have been called.  In the below forum link, the user reported that the first Hibernate session's work was done in the transaction, but the second Hibernate sessions work is done outside of the transaction (since its after de-list).


      https://community.jboss.org/message/901613 is the WildFly forum link for this issue.


      One possible workaround (see above link), would be to have a way for ordering the Synchronization.beforeCompletion/afterCompletion calls.  For this particular case, I think that we need IronJacamar Synchronizations to run last (beforeCompletion/afterCompletion within the interposed sync group).


      Is there anything that could be done in the Narayana project to help?



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