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    Teiid 8.8 Version :: exception when using dense_rank()

    Joseph CHIDIAC Novice

      Hi ,

      I'm using Teiid Version 8.8



             subQueryTable.jiraissue_ASSIGNEE AS jiraissue_ASSIGNEE,

              dense_rank() over(order by subQueryTable.jiraissue_ID DESC) as CalculatedField1

        FROM  jiraissue

             LEFT OUTER JOIN

                (SELECT jiraissue_sub.ASSIGNEE AS jiraissue_ASSIGNEE,

                        COUNT(IFNULL(jiraissue_sub.ID, -2147483648))

                           AS jiraissue_ID

                   FROM jiraissue jiraissue_sub

                  WHERE ((jiraissue_sub.RESOLUTIONDATE BETWEEN NULL

                                                           AND PARSETIMESTAMP(

                                                                  '2014-09-10 18:46:28',

                                                                  'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss')))

                 GROUP BY jiraissue_sub.ASSIGNEE) subQueryTable

             ON jiraissue.ASSIGNEE =



      The query sent to the JDBC :

                               SELECT DISTINCT DENSE_RANK() OVER (ORDER BY NULL DESC) FROM "JIRADB"."dbo"."jiraissue" g_0


      and i got  this error :


      java.sql.SQLException: Windowed functions do not support constants as ORDER BY clause expressions.